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Friday, June 22, 2012

Squawk, Squawk, Squawk is FREE!

We have some delightful guests staying here with us. They let us know around 1pm yesterday that there was a bird stuck in our chimney. We could hear him squawking, pecking and moving around in there!! The guest told us to remove the circular cover on the side of the chimney and hold up a bag for the bird to fly into!! We did not have luck for the first 14 hours or so- other guests tried putting their hands in to get it, we tried scaring him out by tapping on the chimney, the electric insert, we tried baiting the bird with bread- to no avail! This morning, around 9am, after checking the living room all morning, Emily goes into the living room when she gets here and says, "Are you just going to leave him in the bag??" Jessica and I were soooo excited that he had come out and he couldn't have been in the back for too long,because we had just checked at 8:30! We took him outside and released him. He was happy to be free!! I am happy that he is free and that he's not in there squawk, squawk, squawking anymore!

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  1. That was very sweet to help the bird without injuring it. Your Inn has such a historic quality to it. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page and leave a comment about your Inn at
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